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ReThinking your Fondue?

Does Fondue need ReThinking? I think so.  As I was digging in a lower cupboard for a pot lid, I stumbled across my Fondues.  Yes I had more than one.  I had a larger oil fondue sometimes called, fondue bourguignonne and a smaller chocolate fondue.  To complete my set I had fondue plates and a few books on the subject.  When I think back to the last time I actually ate fondue, it is a little fuzzy.  Probably some where around 2003.   Before husband and kids and dogs and house. It was a little after college that I thought it was a good idea.  All of these items were quite useful for a time. I enjoyed looking up the recipes for different sauces and what meat paired well.  And of course the company with fondue was also very enjoyable.  You get this long dining experience with lovely flavours and discussion.

Even though I touched my fondues every once in awhile, I hadn’t really given them much thought.   This time I wondered if I would consider doing a fondue now.  I think of my children and a pot of hot oil on the table, and their particular palette as of late and I would think no. Probably not the greatest of ideas for dinner.  Then I began to remember the preparation of the fondue dinner.  Making the sauces, mostly from scratch, and making sure that all of the pieces are same and getting the temperature just right.  I got exhausted just thinking about it.  This dinner does not fit into my lifestyle right now.

So I made a decision, the fondues had to go. I don’t care where you go, you just can’t stay here.

Then a funny pang, came over me.  But, But, But, What if you want to fondue later, it seems like such a waste.  Giving away these things and books that you obviously have space for.  Maybe you just leave them for a little while longer.  The kids will get older and you may find you have time to prepare more scrumptious meals.   All of these thoughts comes rushing in about what tragedy would happen if I didn’t have my fondues.  What if you come to a time when Fondue is the only option and then you have to go out and buy all of this stuff all over again?!?!  You are just throwing money away. 

Was I holding onto the stuff because of the feeling I had about when I used it? The money I spent on it? The idea of what will be in the future? What was my anxious thought? We all have anxious moments, some more profound than others, but we all have them. 

So in good form I spend what seems like hours having a discussion in my own head about Fondue.   I think I actually enjoyed the company better than the food, and I didn’t ever have that many fondue dinners, it wasn’t like I had a on running Friday Night Fondue party that people looked forward to all week.   It was more like I spent all of this money on two or three dinners and floated away from it. So I was able to talk my way through my anxious thought with a little direction.

Dealing with anxious thoughts can be difficult and sometimes we need a little guide to help us through.  There are many resources to help you deal with them. Six ways to Reason Anxiety and Anxious thoughts away is one of those resources.  And if you find that these type of information doesn’t help, try speaking to your doctor about other resources.


William Sonoma Fondue


Walmart Fondue

In the end, what was I holding on to? What was the worst thing that could happen if I get rid of them? If in the future I ever had a Fondue emergency, they are still readily available.  Even William Sonoma has a Fondue for sale.  And if perhaps $1100.00 is out my range,  Walmart could aid in my Fondue Emergency.



Then I start to think about Minimalism, the practice of living with less.  Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. What made me happy about having the fondue?  Was it the memories?  I did take the time to remember what it was that made me happy. 




It was the memories, of being around a large table in a farm kitchen with great people around me.  I took the time to acknowledge the happiness.  And it was happy moments when I didn’t see the breakup of relationships happening, or when I was not considering that people die and leave us.  At that moment it was very thoughtful that my step father picked up a 1970’s fondue recipe book from a second  hand shop for me, it made me feel loved.  Remembering sharing fondue with my boyfriend at the time and how we really enjoyed each others company, made me feel loved.  Remembering my Friend who shared a fondue with me and who I shared an afternoon with a week ago, made me feel loved.   

So I keep the happiness and take the fondues and fondue cookbooks to the second hand store.  I also wonder if someone will see a fondue on the shelf and it will inspire more dinners around large tables.  That it is also a happy thought.  And if I ever feel like having fondue to create new memories, I can spend a little time looking at menus for locals that are still serving it. The Beer Bistro,and The Bier Markt are two restaurants that have fondue on the menu.   Although I think it may be better to look into Raclette.

My little trip down memory lane that started with my Fondue ended happily and I have clearer cupboards and am full of happy thoughts.  Great time ReThinking my Fondue.  And hopefully you will have a happy time ReThinking your kitchen cupboards, and remember ReFocused can help.



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